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Sniper Elite Rip 800mb.rarl [Extra Quality]

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a first person shooter that replaces the explosive thrills of Modern Warfare with the high tension excitement of stealthy snipers. This is a fully playable demo you can download free.

Sniper Elite Rip 800mb.rarl

Download Zip:

With four difficulty levels, Sniper: Ghost Warrior can be a very realist sniping simulator. At the hardest setting, you have to allow for wind and distance without any aids. On lower settings, you are given help with aiming. There are three weapons on the demo - a knife, silenced revolver and of course a long distance sniper rifle.

This substitution is enhanced to the fullest at the time of a bullet: Unlike traditional sniper games, the swap operation in Hitman Sniper needs to be done with the appropriate swipe operation, which can be costly if the operation is incorrect For a long time, be aware that this delay in some tasks may be fatal.

Sniper who is the most loyal partner? That's right, that sniper gun. Benefit from a powerful weapon system and complex mission requirements. Players can the new weapons by killing the secondary targets hiding in the level, ing a completely new sniper gun after collecting all the materials. Mission design is also very creative, and sometimes we may have to play brainstorms like Hitman Go and observe how to solve the problem.

Unlike other sniper games, single tasks and simple scenes make the game dull and boring. Sniper takes the task difficulty and scene complexity to a new level, and you need to keep learning to progress to get high scores.

As a killer game, one of the sniper gun is the protagonist of nature, Hitman: Sniper firearms are real, and different guns have different characteristics, but also has different functions, you can use these features to complete different Mission, when you spend tens of minutes on a mission you have to try other guns, it is possible a small feature is the key to determining the success or failure of the mission.

IGI 2: Covert Strike is a first-person shooting game produced by Inner loop Studios and published by Code masters. In IGI 2: Covert Strike, you play as the elite agent David Jones who serves for the Institute for Geo Tactical Intelligence to end World War III from happening. The game has 19 missions as a whole, and the player can take various paths to achieve each one.


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