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A mythological creature called succubus is described as the ultimate temptress, using sexual seduction to lure its prey. The male counterpart, incubus, similarly uses sexual seduction to lure in prey. These terms can be used to describe seductive people whose ultimate goal is self-serving or else makes no consideration for the wellbeing of the person being seduced.


The purpose of the temptress is to test (and hence demonstrate) the integrity of the hero by placing easy gratification or other gain in their path. By refusing this, the hero demonstrates himself to be true to heroic values and dedicated above all else to achievement of the primary goal.

Temptresses have historically been creatures who use their bodies and wile to lure others to ruin. Common examples are creatures like sirens and mermaids, who seduce by their looks and voice. A temptress has all the means to beholden another to their desires. They can easily charm with a gesture or a glance tossed. Advanced temptresses develop many tactics to seduce those who are typically immune or on guard.

When creating a temptress you should wonder how you got your powers and what you do with them. Do you inspire good or evil? Temptresses tend to always have chaotic alignments. They tend to wear quite revealing clothes as they are not ashamed but proud of their bodies, using it to their full advantage. Some can be more conservative in dress and rely on the magic of their face and eyes instead.

Lure of the Temptress, was the first game to use Revolution's Virtual Theatre engine. The game follows a young peasant named Diermot who must escape prison, rid the kingdom of Turnvale from the Skorl invaders, and defeat the cruel temptress Selena. 041b061a72


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