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How to Play Soccer Without Losing – What is Football Betting? Experience in Over/Under Betting in Football

Football betting has become a widely popular activity among sports enthusiasts, not just for the thrill of the game but also for the potential financial rewards it offers. As someone who has spent years exploring the intricacies of football betting, I have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience that I am eager to share. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to approach football betting and more daily mirror football tips, focusing particularly on over/under bets and strategic insights that can help you minimize losses and maximize wins. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or a novice, I hope this guide will enhance your understanding and improve your betting outcomes.

Unique Tips for Football Betting

To win in football betting, the first thing we need to do is compile data and statistics of the match we want to bet on. How do we compile this data to get the best results? The results of this compilation will be the foundation for a strong bet. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

The results of the most recent matches

Head-to-head history

The capacity and recent form of the players

Playing at home or away

The form of the two teams recently

Additionally, we should also pay attention to extraneous information such as weather, working conditions, and the coach's mood (personal information, lifestyle, etc.).

Revealing the Secrets of Bookmakers on Betting Forums

Usually, each bookmaker will have different odds. To have the most effective betting method for yourself, we must first compare the odds of the bookmakers and visit article what is an asian handicap in soccer. After studying the situation of the two teams and the information about the bookmakers' odds, we need to know the following:

Allocate funds to play if you choose to play running bets. Typically, bookmakers will have machines calculating and dividing data, so the betting levels and odds often change continuously. If we do not calculate carefully and play recklessly, it is easy to run out of capital.

Bookmakers have been very successful in creating a state of confusion for players. Because of this unstable mentality, it is easy to fall into the bookmaker's trap due to the "virtual ball" phenomenon. Always remember to keep a cool head.

Experience in Over/Under Betting

After many years of "fighting," I have accumulated a considerable amount of tips and experiences in football betting, on how to bet on football effectively, and how to play football well. Today, I want to share some of these tips at football tips forum so that you can refer to them. Here are the tips that we know:

Tip #1: Understanding the Symbols in Betting

Firstly, I would like to talk about the symbols in football betting. H is for home – the home team, and A is for away – the away team. Let me give an example of the friendly match between Japan and Uruguay in October 2018. Initially, the bookmaker offered Uruguay (A) as the upper door team with a handicap of 1/4 ball (0/0.5) with full payout. And Japan (H) was the underdog with a payout of 0.82. But later, when the match was about to start, the bookmaker lowered the odds to Japan and Uruguay at a level playing field. The odds changed to choosing Japan for full payout and choosing Uruguay for 0.72 payout. Thus, we have a tip like this: for matches like the above, we should choose Japan (the underdog) with a 0 handicap.

From this, we can see that the initial odds offered by the bookmaker were Uruguay as the upper door team with a 1/4 (0.5) handicap. But when the match was about to start, the odds were lowered to a level playing field. This means that the bookmaker calculated the real strength of the two teams, which differed from the initial calculation. Therefore, for such odds, choosing the underdog with a level playing field has a very high winning rate.

As predicted, the match result was 4-3 in favor of Japan. Here is the betting table where we won money from the bookmaker Thien Ha:

Advice: Predicting the odds like a god is not as good as timing it right. You must time it correctly to bet, usually before the match starts or a few minutes after it starts. Those "golden moments" will give us the most accurate information about the betting odds. This is the first tip on how to always win in football betting that I want to introduce to you today.

Experience in Betting on Grassroots Football – How to Bet Over/Under in Football

Handicap Odds – Betting Rates

According to my experience, a 1-goal handicap is the odds indicating that the handicapping team or the upper door team has a clear advantage. The reason for only mentioning the 1-goal handicap is that the disparity in strength between the two teams is much more evident than in a 1/4 or half-ball handicap. If you bet on over/under in such handicaps, it is very easy to win, and even if you lose, you will break even, rarely losing. If you lose, you should stop playing for a while because you are too unlucky. I am joking a bit, but what I am sure of is that the winning rate of these handicaps is much higher than in normal bets. So, the effective football betting method is as follows:

Do not choose the team that is being handicapped; choose the upper door team with a 1-goal handicap.

Simultaneously choose the draw option in European betting (remember to invest less money).

An example for you to understand better: You choose the handicapping team with a 1-goal handicap with 2 million and hedge the draw option in European betting with 1 million. Thus, if the match result is a draw, you get nearly 2 million from the handicap and more than 1 million from the draw option. And if the handicapping team wins, you profit nearly 1 million after deducting the capital placed on the draw option. Remember, comrades. If the handicap is 1 goal, choose the handicapping team (-1) and hedge half the money on the European draw option. And also note that this is for main bets, not for running bets.

Running Bets (Running Odds)

This is a tip specifically for over betting in live odds. Note for betting friends:

Stay calm, bet little by little, impatience can be deadly.

Say no to big bets, all-ins, and full hands.

Bet selectively. Avoid betting recklessly on any odds you come across.

Always watch the odds carefully to place your money.

Choose football leagues with many goals to bet on.

For running bets, make sure to choose odds with lower than 1 over betting odds. (This is how to watch running odds for you guys)

Do not sit on running bets for too long. The reason is that we often win on 3/4 handicaps (win half the money), but if we lose, we lose fully. Therefore, it's better to leave when you see a profit.


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