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Download Instagram Highlight Covers in Minutes: Easy Steps and Tips

This cosmetic brand, for example, has a very consistent color palette across their products and on their Instagram. The highlight covers are no exception: they take on the same trendy pinky-brown hues as the rest of the profile.

download instagram highlight covers

If you use Instagram for business, your highlight covers work as a tiny marketing tactic. Instead of having to scroll through your feed to see all of your merchandise, Instagram users can get a quick look at your products via the highlight covers.

Now that you know how to create Instagram highlights and add custom covers to them, download this bundle of 40 free customizable designs and take the look of your Instagram profile to the next level.

This is a set of free Instagram highlight covers featuring custom icons for blogging, online marketing, and e-commerce businesses. Achieve a cohesive look on your Instagram profile with beautiful Icons to represent the major categories of your business.

Since Instagram highlights remain up till you delete them, it is important to make these attractive. This can be done by using well-structured backgrounds and templates. These templates are called Instagram highlight covers. You can directly add text to them or use them as a base for the media you add.

Canva is the most popular software for graphics designing. It has a large database of templates. Unless you are an expert designer, using Canva can be very helpful. I personally use the paid version of the tool for accessing premium templates (for Instagram highlights covers), but you can consider the free version to begin with.

Piktochart is another great tool that you can use for creating highlight covers. The software provides a variety of themed templates, so you don't need to be a professional graphic designer to create designs. If you are an amateur, Piktochart will be the easiest tool to use.

When you create highlights for your Instagram Stories, you have the option of making IG story highlight covers and icons for each. This keeps things looking uniform and organized on your Instagram profile. At the same time, it gives new and existing followers the chance to take a look at past Story content.

Your Instagram Story highlight cover should be 1080 x 1920 pixels with a 9:16 aspect ratio. Unlike standard Instagram square posts and profile pictures, these IG Story highlight covers are the same size as Stories.

Carefully plan out what you want your personal or business profile page to look like. As you create your Instagram story highlight covers, make a note of the color preferences and fonts you are using. This helps your profile look uniform as you create covers over time.

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Free Artistic Instagram Highlight Covers is a unique, clean and eye-catchy ready-to-use IG highlight covers perfect way to style your Instagram profile. It contains JPG and PNG format in high resolution at 300 DPI. They are perfect for photographers, bloggers, interior designs, event & wedding planners, small businesses and boutiques, makeup artists, bloggers, influencers and more. You can use it in your upcoming personal and commercial projects.

Instagram highlights and highlight covers have become the new way of renovating our bio since its introduction. With the Instagram highlight feature, users are enabled to save selected memories to Instagram profile permanently not until it was deleted manually. This distinguishes Instagram highlights from stories that do vanish after 24 Hours.

The picked out stories later highlighted right below the bio section of your Instagram profile serves as a renewed tool for proper engagement of new visitors to your profile, which speaks more about you to the audience with countless past stories. This comes along with the highlights covers, the highlighted cover photos to polish your IG profile.

To draw audience attention to your best Instagram story content selected as highlights, using attractive and pleasing highlight covers is essential. With little to no editing skill, creating highlight covers might be a bit trickier than it sounds.

Basically, downloading Instagram stories, highlights and videos is nothing to be concerned about so far that it can be saved easily to your device in multiple ways. Apparently, Instagram highlights cover can only be saved by long pressing the highlight box which will only save the cover thumbnail but not in its original format.

Using third-party Instagram highlights downloaders, you can enjoy unlimited downloads of Instagram highlights and Instagram highlights cover in the highest format with no cost or boring registrations.

To copy Instagram highlights links for sharing or downloading, you can easily do this by tapping the highlight, locate and tap the ellipses button in the bottom right corner of screen, swipe to locate and tap Share. A prompt card displaying the URL destination will be displayed on your screen, just tap copy URL to have the link saved to your clipboard.

However, using this method, you can get to stalk an Instagram profile even without following the account. All you need is the profile link, you can get it by tapping the omnibox on a web browser or using the share method on Instagram Application. Visit any of the recommended Instagram highlights downloaders, paste the link to generate the videos and enjoy.

Instagram highlights can be downloaded easily with free online Instagram highlights downloader. You can revert to the section of this post that emphasized more on how to download Instagram highlights and highlights cover easily to your device local storage.

Instagram highlights cover can only be downloaded from the Instagram profile page by long pressing the highlight and tap download image on the web browser. This only saves the thumbnail (the reduced-size versions of the highlight cover pictures) but not the original format.

A lot of people post all of their highlight covers in a row on their stories and then go from there to add them as covers. That works fine, but your stories for that day will look a bit spammy. There is a better way to do this!

Instagram is a popular social media platform where users can share their photos, videos, and highlights with friends and followers. However, Instagram does not provide a direct way to download highlights. ReelSaver highlight downloader is providing you Instagram Highlight downloading free, fastly, and securely.

Another method is to use a dedicated app or website to download Instagram content. These typically work by the user copying the URL of the photo or video they want to download and then pasting it into the app or website. The app or website will then generate a download link that can be used to save the content to the user's device. reelsaver Instagram highlight downloader could be the best choice for user to download Instagram highlight.

Reelsaver,net are the best way to share stories online that will last a lifetime. Instagram stories and highlights, but there is a difference: Instagram stories are only available for 24 hours, whereas Instagram highlight download allow you to share instagram user story for as long as you want on your Instagram profile online

The following step will generate a list of albums created by the highlights of the username you want to download from. When you select an album from the list, you will see highlighted stories from that album. Simply click the link below the story to complete the download process.

Icons are a popular option when designing story highlight covers. Using visual imagery often has the power to communicate a message much more effectively, quickly and memorably than words. This is why icons are useful when your short-attention-spanned visitors are trying to navigate the different categories in your highlights with ease. They also offer you an extra opportunity to be creative and present the icons in line with your brand identity.

Some brands opt for using solid colours as their Instagram story highlight covers. While they don't communicate much (although are assisted by the text beneath each highlight cover), they are great if you have a strong brand colour palette you want to boast.

After stories, Instagram has introduced Highlights. Nothing fancy, just our stories that are permanently glued to our profiles, forever! Unless you go the extra mile to delete them. Highlights appear right below our bio in cute little circles that are, in fact, folders. And you can now download Instagram highlights too!

StorySaver is a free online website to grant your wish to save as many IG Highlights from any account. It is the bread to your butter. Lets you download Instagram highlights and save them on your PC or phone. Making it possible to re-live the memories you cherish. And yeah, you can now secretly save Gym Highlights of your crush and drool. Don't be shy; it's not a crime.

What are Instagram highlight covers? Instagram Highlight Covers are images or videos that are used as covers for Instagram featured stories. They give visitors to your profile an idea of what they will find on your profile.

If your profile is focused on pets and taking care of them, this adorable set of 50 covers will come in handy. A broad choice and several color options allow you to pick a perfect icon for every need. You can download these pet Instagram Covers for free in just one click.

This splendid set of 40 Instagram Story Icons can live up to any situation and need. Share the highlights on your trip, tell about important life events, or tempt your followers with delicious looking food stories with the help of these stylish covers. Download them free of charge, and customize in no time using PS.

Make your Instagram account stand out and look professionally branded with these clean & modern Icon Line Art covers.Download well-designed and fully-editable Instagram stories highlights covers. The pack includes 70 unique icons, that are provides on 4 different background colors to make the design fit your profile.

Most people use Instagram highlight covers to showcase their personality or branding. But what if you want to show off your dark side? That's where our black Instagram highlight template comes in! This template is perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of edge to their highlights. And the best part? It's totally free and customizable! So go ahead and give it a try - we promise you won't be disappointed!


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