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To Buy Car Online [HOT]

Consumers are growing more comfortable with buying a wide variety of things online, from fruits and vegetables to couches and cars. Partly by necessity and partly because we've realized how convenient and time-efficient it is, we've become quite comfortable with online buying.

to buy car online

Undoubtedly, there are pros and cons to buying a car online. While history favors the traditional in-person car-buying process, those who look to the future see a trend pointing toward an increase in online car-buying going forward.

The vast majority of American consumers now shop online for their next car. A summary of consumer behavior surveys in this area suggests that over two-thirds of car-buyers go online to research a car, find cars listed for sale, compare different models, determine what their current vehicle is worth, calculate car loan payments, and get dealer information. Car shoppers also use social media to learn about vehicles and dealerships. Shoppers enlist dealer website chat functionality to gain information and negotiate with car dealers as well.

If you asked these people if they are online car-buyers, they might tell you yes. But buying online is different than shopping online. By the strictest definition, a customer is buying a car online only if they complete the entire transaction from start to finish using the Internet.

New-car buyers are often thought of as different from used-car buyers, and in many ways, they are. However, one thing they share is the propensity to go online to perform vehicle and dealer research. Several consumer behavior studies indicate that nearly 75% of both new-car and used-car shoppers use websites and apps to conduct at least some of their research and shopping.

Their marketing messages often emphasize their clients' ability to avoid visiting a dealer and talking to a car salesperson. In actuality, though, they technically are car dealers because virtually all 50 states require any business that sells more than a handful of vehicles each year to hold a dealer's license. The online used-car retailers have changed how the buying public perceives them because of the online experiences they offer.

Now, some individual new-car dealers and dealer groups also offer end-to-end online car buying. Their goal is to deliver the same ease and transparency that the online sellers of other products offer their customers. At the same time, their traditional dealership activities for conducting test drives, getting service, and comparison shopping are also available to their customers.

One of the significant benefits of buying a car online is that it often saves time. Few of us want to spend an entire Tuesday night or Saturday morning in a car dealership trying to get a deal done. Using this traditional method, consumers and dealer personnel can spend hours on a single transaction, and neither side is pleased about that. Online car-buying can streamline the process by enabling time-consuming chores, like filling out paperwork, to be done at the customer's leisure.

Equally appealing to many car buyers is the no-negotiation/no-haggle nature of an online car deal. Typically, prices are clearly posted, and as consumers submit personal information regarding their credit history, trade-in vehicle, preferred down payment, and other details, the numbers automatically update. Sellers present each consumer with the same baseline pricing, and typically those prices are non-negotiable. For many modern car buyers, that's just the way they want it to be.

Another benefit of online car-buying is that you can shop for and buy a car virtually any time it is convenient for you. And you can do it in your sweats on a workout bike at three in the morning if you want to. When you don't want to deal with the process for a while, you can stop and pick up the transaction thread again when you're ready to move on.

Similarly, with online car buying, you can take delivery at home or virtually anywhere you want. An expert will deliver the vehicle to you and give you all the information you need to operate your new car properly.

While there are many positives to buying a vehicle online, there are a few negatives. One of the most important is your inability to see, feel, and physically inspect the car you've selected before buying it. Of course, most online sellers give their shoppers extensive photos and video of each vehicle, but nothing really takes the place of seeing the car up close and personal.

Similarly, you often have no opportunity to test drive the vehicle before you buy it. This disadvantage represents another shortfall because, for many of us, "driving is believing." In the past, online sellers have tried to compensate for this by offering used-car warranties and even return policies to their customers. Now, online car sellers increasingly provide test drives at your convenience and at a time and place you choose.

Another downside to buying a car online is the relative inability to negotiate on price or terms. For many people, that is actually a positive, but some shrewd negotiators might miss the opportunity to score themselves a great deal, or at least to think they did.

Perhaps one of the more significant cons to buying a car online is that financing choices might be limited. You may find the online sales process restricts you to a single lender or one of just a handful with which the dealer has a relationship. Of course, you can secure financing before the online shopping process and then purchase the car as a "cash buyer." But that complicates what otherwise would be a straightforward and time-efficient exercise.

Deciding whether buying a car online is right for you depends upon what you look for in your transaction. If you want speed, convenience, and lack of hassle, buying online could be a great choice for you. On the other hand, if you're the kind of buyer who wants to see, touch, and smell the car before you buy it, or you want to grind the dealer down to the lowest possible price, online car-buying might not be your best choice.

When buying from an online car dealership, you don't have that ability, so research is your only way of determining the best fit. "If you are even thinking about buying online you need to test drive that vehicle somehow," says Carrington Cowart, a private automotive consultant who helps people buy cars. "It might not be the one that has the same VIN number that you would be purchasing, but if your aunt owns one, go drive it. You need to drive one because you have no idea whether or not you like it or not."

Shopping around is the best way to find a new car insurance policy online. That means comparing quotes to see which company offers you the best coverage at a competitive rate. You can also see how much insurance providers adjust rates, insurance quotes, and premiums based on factors like discounts, insurance coverage amounts, and the deductible.

You can always call companies directly, or even visit the offices of insurance agents local to you. Even if you want to talk to an actual human to get a quote and discuss policy options, you can still get your bearings by researching online, at your convenience, so you feel prepared for your calls or office visits.

Buy online: The Department of Natural Resources has the option to purchase certain annual Wisconsin State Park vehicle admission stickers online. Annual Wisconsin Resident, Annual Wisconsin Resident Senior and Non-resident Annual stickers can be purchased online. Additionally, one Reduced Rate Annual sticker (for a vehicle registered to the same household address) can be purchased online at the same time as a full-price sticker. An admission sticker or admission sticker package can be purchased one at a time through the online service.

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Which option is cheaper really depends on your negotiating chops. At a dealership you can negotiate it down the traditional way. Online, you can get a discount by finding deal by coordinating with an online salesperson, who are often more likely to give you a quote right away and offer fixed discounts.

The differences between shopping for a car online versus in-person balance out. You may find the best option is using both methods: Take the time to compare cars and financing online, then visit a dealership with an exact plan to face a sales pitches with confidence.

There are benefits buying your car online or at a dealership. The easiest way to find a good deal is to compare both and keep your options open. Trying to find a median between the two should help negate some of the drawbacks.

Buying a car used to involve spending hours hopping from dealership to dealership, haggling over prices, and taking endless test drives. But these days, thanks to companies like Carvana, more shoppers are sorting out the entire process online.

Carvana is one of a handful of sites that lets you purchase a used vehicle totally online. Shoppers have the option to have their vehicle delivered directly to their home, or they can pick it up from one of Carvana's 24 warehouses, or "car vending machines," sprinkled across the country. 041b061a72


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