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Biggest Truck You Can Buy

Many pickup trucks mentioned in this list were manufactured for military use, but they were then modified and upgraded for civilian use. But RAM 3500 Mega Cab was built for a single purpose, and that is to deliver effortless towing capability. RAM is one of the biggest American pickup truck manufacturing companies, producing pickup trucks that have outstanding performance.

biggest truck you can buy

RAM is producing pickup trucks from the 1980s to the present, and this year company has unveiled three different variants of RAM 3500. The names include RAM 3500 Limited, Limited Longhorn Edition, and Laramie. All these pickup trucks deliver tremendous hauling power and are equipped with impressive safety features.

Hennessey has added an extra axle making 6x6 velociraptor a tri-axle off-road beast. In addition, the company has upgraded its front & rear bumpers and front-mounted air to air cooler. All these updates and upgrades in Ford F-150 makes Velociraptor one of the biggest pickup truck in the world.

The addition of an extra axle makes it a tri-axle pickup truck and a real off-road beast. The conversion of Hellfire is powered by a V8 LS3 engine and delivers a power of 500 HP. Moreover, the apocalypse hellfire features a massive eight-foot bed, making it one of the biggest pickup trucks.

Mercedes-Benz is famous for producing military-style pickup trucks and passenger vehicles. Initially, Mercedes started making G-series of their pickup trucks for the Austrian Army, but people at Mercedes decided to create a civilian version to be sold to the public after different upgrades.

The updates included central tire inflation, truck bed, portal axles on each wheel, and third axle. The older version had a bed making it a pickup truck, but the company has excluded the bed from its 2021 version. The 2021 version of the G63 AMG comes with a V8 Biturbo engine and delivers the power of 577 HP. In addition, the G63 AMG 66 has a towing capacity of 3,500 KG making it one of the biggest trucks.

Navistar international CV515 is a 4x4 pickup truck that delivers the best off-road and on-road performance, making it one of the biggest pickup trucks listed at number three on our list. The CV515 features a V8 turbocharged engine that delivers torque of 700 lb. ft.

Unimog U5000 is one of the biggest pickup trucks in the World produced by Mercedes-Benz. It is the ultimate embodiment of military trucks for civilian use, making it one of the toughest pickups that delivers incredible off-road performance. In addition, the Unimog U5000 comes with a tire pressure control system that gives you control over your pickup tires during off-road driving.

Bigger means better, well, at least in most cases. When it comes to truck sizes, a larger truck means you can haul more cargo, and have bigger bragging rights, just for the fun of it. One thing is for sure; larger trucks would most definitely come with larger features. And it's not just size; we're also looking at larger and more powerful engines that sum up mega horsepower capacities. State-of-the-art transmission systems that aid smooth shifting and handling, larger wheels and tires to conquer the roughest terrains, and unbelievable towing capabilities are also massive bonuses.

These large trucks will pull just about anything attached to them and still look cool while at it. Although heavy-duty truck owners would never tell you this, the major challenge for the trucks on this list would be a place to park. There are several truck companies you can count on to make the list like Ford, Dodge, Mercedes, and others so, here, we've ranked the giant pickup trucks you can buy.

Practically squeezing a supercar engine into a pickup truck, the LM002 carries a 5.2-liter DOHC 48-valve V-12 engine that musters up 455 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque. It wouldn't be a Lambo if it weren't fast; with this machine, you could reach a top speed of 118 mph with an impressive acceleration of 0-100 in 7.8 seconds.

Another powerful truck making the lineup is the Hummer H1. The H1 came in five different variations: the four-door slant back variant, two-door regular pickup truck, four-door SUV, a convertible-like soft top, and an alpha wagon.

Standard on the truck is a 6.6-liter turbo diesel OHV 32-valve V-8 engine with a remarkable 500 horsepower capacity and 1,000 lb-ft of torque. Spending some extra cash on upgrades can push the truck's horsepower capacity to 800 and an excellent 1,300 lb-ft torque capacity.

Built with the power to haul just about anything, the Dodge Mega Cab RAM 3500 is a force to be reckoned with in the world of large trucks. Under the hood of this masterpiece is a high output 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 engine with the ability to generate a 420 horsepower capacity.

It was exciting enough to experience Ford's F-350 Super Duty truck and applaud them for hitting a landmark with one of the most capable trucks in the world. However, Ford wasn't done yet and went ahead to introduce the Ford F-450 Super Duty.

This all-powerful and immaculate luxury truck is way above most heavy-duty trucks. Its 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel engine generates an incredible 475 horsepower capacity and 1,050 lb-ft of torque. Heavy cargo seems like featherweights to the F-450 as it has a towing capacity of 37,000 lbs.

Like a strong and intimidating six feet giant that depicts high capability, the Hennessey VelociRaptor stands out. Only, in this case, it's got six wheels. This behemoth of a truck possesses the power it displays and even more.

Popping the hood of the truck, you'd find its standard 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine that feeds the truck with up to 600 horsepower and 622 lb-ft of torque. With its capable off-road tires, the VelociRaptor accepts and crushes any terrain challenge that gets in its path.

Given a brutal and rugged look outside to intimidate lesser trucks, the Apocalypse Hellfire has an appealing interior with fancy in-features that almost conflicts with its name. An 8-speed high-performance automatic transmission handles smooth gear shifting.

Mercedes, the all classy car manufacturer, makes it to the lineup with its Mercedes-AMG G 63 6x6. As expected of literally every Mercedes, the truck comes with a luxurious interior design and unique features because it wouldn't be a Mercedes if it didn't.

Firing up this bad boy is a twin-turbocharged, 5.5-liter V-8 engine that produces its 544 horsepower capacity and has a 760 newton-meters torque capacity. The truck is equipped with a classy AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission, making handling smooth and easy.

Another super truck to make the list is the International CV515 4x4 Pickup truck. This towering giant meets 'international' standards with a 6.6-liter V8 Turbocharged Diesel engine and the ability to amass 700 lb-ft of torque.

Any list of large trucks with jaw-dropping capabilities wouldn't be complete, not to mention the International CXT, one of the largest pickup trucks ever produced in the world. This dinosaur-sized truck is installed with a 12 NPM DT466 turbocharged engine that delivers 220 horsepower to the truck and 540 lb-ft of torque.

Making the top of the list is the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5000. It is by far the largest and most capable truck available as it possesses a Mercedes-Benz OM906LA 6.4-liter I6 engine. There is no automatic to this rough stuff as it comes with a Mercedes-Benz 8-spd EPS manual transmission that puts you in charge of the largest, high work rate truck you can find.

Hennessey took the already huge Ford Raptor, stretched it out, added a third set of wheels, and 300 hp. The VelociRaptor was unveiled at the 2017 SEMA show, and minds were blown. The 66 immediately sat among the God-Kings of the biggest pickup trucks, without question.

The Hummer H1 is one of the first of the biggest pickups that really hit the mainstream. Like the Lamborghini LM002, the Hummer H1 came from the Humvee designed for military use and was eventually offered as a civilian truck.

Of course, most of us think the giant four-door SUV rigs when we think Hummer, but it actually came in a two-door pickup truck configuration as well. This is like the precursor to the Hummer EV pickup truck that is set to come out sometime this year.

Trucks aren't getting any smaller, especially in the full-size segment, but the biggest trucks out there still tower above their more humble siblings when it comes to height, weight, and sheer size. Although they might be based on similar platforms, these special edition trucks typically pour on the heavy duty suspension parts and lane-popping sheet metal until they clearly stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. While many of the biggest trucks out there are aimed at commercial buyers, there are also a number of other interesting pickups that stand tall for folks who want to take their vehicle exploring past the capabilities of most modern rigs.

The 2014 Ford F-450 Super Duty is the biggest version of the popular F-Series pickup available before moving over to the even-larger chassis cab versions of the truck. The Ford F-450 features dual rear wheels in order to optimally spread out a trailer's load, which translates into a startling 24,700 lbs of total towing capacity. The huge horizontal body work of the F-450 also serves to intimidate any load you might want to haul into submission as well, be it people (up to five inside its four-door crew cab design) or bricks (with 5,880 lbs possible in the truck's eight-foot cargo bed). The only engine available with the Ford F-450 Super Duty is a 6.7-liter turbodiesel V-8 that pushes out 400 horsepower and 800 lb-ft of torque, and four-wheel drive is available as an option.

The 2014 RAM 3500 Mega Cab is another big full-size truck that comes standard with a dual rear wheel setup. The Ram 3500 Mega Cab's front bench allows for six adults to fill its spacious cabin, while a six-foot, four-inch bed handles up to 6,100 lbs of cargo. Of course, towing is the 3500 Mega Cab's real strength: this monster is rated to pull in the neighborhood of 30,000 lbs via its fifth wheel hitch when the truck's 385 horsepower, 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel six-cylinder engine is installed under the hood (where is also produces 850 lb-ft of torque) The Ram 3500 can additionally be outfitted with a 383 horsepower, 5.7-liter V-8, along with optional four-wheel drive. 041b061a72


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