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Microsoft Office Outlook Problems Vista

hi brothersi have configured exchange server 2019 on window server 2019 after finish to set it i can open easily the owa but i can access on outlook this is the message i get.cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open microsoft window. the set of folders cannot be opened. the attempt to logon to microsoft outlook exchange has failedmy question is :the server is it bad configured or this depends on the pc i use?but when i got that message from first pc even on second pc i have same msg.thank you

Microsoft Office Outlook Problems Vista

Had problems for days with opening MS office outlook. Tried MS online but just going round in circles with the online help. Found your sight with the exact "error box message". Tried a few of your tips, and turning off compatibility worked. Into new calendar, weight off my shoulders BIG THANK YOU.

Many applications, including those from Microsoft, can be configured to work fine in a non-admin environment. There are a number of applications, like Microsoft office, which have no problems at all working in a non-admin environment. I have even used RDP and VPN for users running as non-admin. 350c69d7ab


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