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Smash Hit KO Pack APK: The Mod that Lets You Smash Everything in Your Way

Is there a discord server that currently exists for smash hitmodding? I use discord on the daily, and maybe so do others aswell. If one exists, i'd be interested in joining to keep up withthe rest of the smash hit modding community. Otherwise, i wasconsidering making one myself, but i haven't put too much thoughtinto it yet.

smash hit ko pack apk

Additionally, would anyone else be interested in a discord serverdedicated to modding smash hit? I'm talking about discussion behindmodding, sharing your own mods, assistance, etc. It would be agreat way to bring the community together i feel. Again, i haven'tset myself on it yet, but if there is interest then that boosts theincentive to start i suppose

Originally when i started working on Megapack, it was birthedafter learning the file structure of how the segments, rooms, andlevels were all made. Using this knowledge, i was able to restoreplenty of old and unused rooms from earlier versions of the game.Originally i was going to leave it as that and call if good, butthen i started to get ambitious... Perhaps a little tooambitious.

Smash Hit 2DescriptionA mod adds 11 new checkpoints (Versions 1.3.4-1.4.0) with my new checkpoints.Creator(s)GavinMeow1Fanon Wiki Page(s)Smash Hit 1.5.0 ModSource CodeSee unpacked APKFeaturesZero Gravity in Checkpoint 16 Stage 4 and New Music (since Version 1.3.4)Version InformationCurrent Version1.5.0Current Beta Version1.4.3 Beta 1First Version1.0.0First Beta Version1.1.0Base Version1.4.3Other InformationCheckpoints26Rooms75+ObstaclesSquares on Strings in CP12 R1, CP13 R4, CP14 R1 and more

Mod V4 features:MOD, Unlimited Balls/PremiumSmash Hit V1.4.3 (MOD, Unlimited Balls/Premium) is an exciting mobile game that offers a unique gaming experience to players.The game involves moving through various scenes and smashing obstacles in your way to keep moving.It requires great accuracy and timing skills to hit the targets and survive the progression.The game is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms and has received numerous positive reviews from users who have enjoyed the game's graphics, sound effects, and overall gameplay.The MOD version of the game comes with unlimited balls and premium features that enhance the gameplay and make it more enjoyable.With over 100 million downloads, Smash Hit V1.4.3 (MOD, Unlimited Balls/Premium) is a mobile game worth trying out.

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Mod V6 features:The Smash Hit v1.4.3 mod is an exciting gaming app designed to provide players with an enjoyable experience using different balls to smash through glass obstacles.With modified descriptions, players can now enjoy the game without the stress of missing out on essential features.The mod allows players to experience the game with unlimited bouncers, providing them with the opportunity to smash through more glasses without worrying about losing lives.Smash Hit v1.4.3 mod is a perfect way to relieve stress and improve concentration as players navigate through different levels of difficulty.It is a must-have for all gaming enthusiasts.

There are days when you just want to smash stuff up. Unfortunately, breaking real sheets of glass is both expensive and dangerous. Step forward Smash Hit!, a stylish physics game where your objective is to smash as much glass as you can.

The controls in Smash Hit! couldn't be any simpler. You automatically fly forward and tap on the glass objects to try to hit them. There are puzzle-solving elements involved too, as you must work out how to unlock doors and smash your way through obstacles without wasting too many balls.

Smash Hit! is stunningly realised, with other-worldy 3D graphics that make you feel like you've been transported into a sci-fi movie. The animation and physics in the game are bang on, as you'd expect from developer Mediocre Games, which has a great track record for realistic game physics after producing titles such as Sprinkle and Granny Smith. The movement and trajectory of the balls is very lifelike and the glass smashing sound effects are so good you'll be looking around to make sure no one's just put a brick through your window!

Bayonetta is currently ranked 45th out of 82 characters on the current tier list, placing her in B+ tier. This is a significant drop from her placement in Smash 4 where she was considered the best character in the game. The drop is due to the nerfs she received to her frame data and landing options, which makes it harder for her to combo and approach. Her neutral game is also weaker, and she has a harder time forcing approaches as she cannot camp with her bullet art aerials and then punish with Witch Twist or Afterburner Kick to the same extent as before. Finally, her KO ability has been nerfed as well, with all of her aerials either having less range, less knockback, or both. Her smash attacks also have less power and her Witch Time has significantly less slowdown time at lower percents.

Bayonetta's smash attacks allow her to summon Madama Butterfly's limbs. They each have good knockback and range, but they also have low priority and noticeable lag, meaning that attempting to use one (even in Witch Time) can cause them to clank with other grounded moves and lead her to get punished, although Madama Butterfly's limbs have transcendent priority against aerial attacks. Her forward smash is her earliest KO option and one of her only attacks that can reliably kill before 100%, though it has a blind spot directly in front of Bayonetta. Her up smash covers the area directly in front of her and can KO from the upper blast line. Her down smash covers the same range as her up smash and is mainly useful for meteor smashing her opponents from the ledge, though it can also kill from the upper blast line at higher percentages.

To counter her many unique strengths and playstyle, Bayonetta has very noticeable flaws. Most notably, while she can quickly rack up damage with her combo game, she has very few reliable KO options until around 150%, with her only real kill options before this being her smash attacks, back air, and down air. Even then, these options are relatively mediocre; Bayonetta's smash attacks are slow, often get cancelled out by other moves and have spots with no hitbox; her back air has slow start-up and a relatively small sweetspot hitbox; and her down air is a laggy move that only KOs if it hits the opponent with certain hitboxes or while they're grounded. Even at percentages higher than 150%, her KO options are unreliable, extremely punishable if whiffed or only KO at very high percentages, for example her forward throw and dash attack. Thus to mitigate her raw kill potential, many players aim to earn stocks through successful edgeguards using her fearsome aerial prowess, or more situationally through the use of hard reads using Witch Time.

Her KO ability has been weakened as well. Neutral, up and down aerials deal lower knockback (most significantly the former two, which no longer KO under 200% onstage), her back aerial has less range and a smaller hitbox (most notably the sweetspot), and her smash attacks only get half as much of an increase in power when charged. This is exacerbated by Witch Time's decreased slowdown duration, hindering its ability to lead into safe KOs, and due to the severe nerfs to her up aerial, she can no longer KO with ladder combos unless they are initiated very close to the top blast line, and even then very high percents are often needed to reliably earn a KO. As a result, Bayonetta now has a significantly more defined main weakness, which is her lack of KO ability at higher percentages due to a lack of reliable options for KOing outside of back air. Although some of her moves have received more knockback in return, such as her neutral attack's finisher and dash attack, most of them still have below average knockback, and fail to compensate for her much more severely hindered finishers. This is also pronounced further by the decreased damage some of her moves deal, which slightly hinders her combo game further. Conversely, her own survivability has been worsened, as her already low weight has been decreased further, and her recovery is less effective due to Witch Twist's shorter distance, slower ledge grab, and smaller hitboxes.

In spite of this, Bayonetta has also received a few noteworthy buffs. All of her dodges have been sped up relative to the rest of the cast, no longer being among the slowest in the game, while still having the ability to trigger Bat Within during their startup. Downwards After Burner Kick is a reliable combo starter due to launching grounded opponents at a higher, more suitable angle for followups, and Witch Twist is harder to SDI out of due to the lower hitlag on each hit. Witch Time can slow down opponents from much farther distances upon a successful counterattack, and has a longer counter window. Although grabs have been overall nerfed across the cast, all of Bayonetta's grabs have slightly increased range, which combined with her throws not losing their utility, improves her grab game despite their higher ending lag. Her dash attack has increased knockback and range, and reduced ending lag, improving the move as a burst or KO option. Her netural attack finisher has drastically increased knockback, to the point where it is one of the strongest in the game, and the strongest jab for lightweight. Most notably, her most inconsistent moves have been notably buffed. Both hits of her up tilt will always connect due to the first hit using set knockback, her smash attacks now have transcendent priority on aerial opponents, most notably addressing the low priority of the moves, Witch Twist has a lower SDI multiplier, and her Witch Time has a larger slowdown scaling, noticeably increasing its slowdown duration at high percentages when the move is stale.

Update 3.1.0 gave Bayonetta a much larger amount of buffs, particularly Witch Time having more counter frames and intangibility frames alongside swifter regeneration, which makes it more reliable even through multiple uses. This greatly increased Witch Time's usability as a counter, with its incarnation in the base game having arguably the worst frame data for a counter and no guarantee for a reward when landing it. Witch Twist and After Burner Kick both have less landing lag, making Bayonetta less punishable after performing combos and opening new opportunities for applying pressure. Her dash attack's clean hit deals more knockback, making it a semi-reliable kill option on lighter characters. Neutral attack gained a slightly longer-lasting hitbox on the first hit, which down smash also received for its meteor smash, and also greater knockback for its final blow after the rapid jab.


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